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Watch how C-Link can deliver personalized learning in your school

Classroom Link (C-Link), our proprietary learning platform empowers teachers to easily deliver customised content and assess each child’s learning gaps in the classroom itself. C-Link leverages cloud computing and the accessibility to tablets or laptops prevalent today, to allow teachers to personalize the learning experience for every student without disrupting the existing pedagogy.

Students can access their textbooks, study notes, assignments, additional questions & assessments all catered to their learning levels through their tablets or laptops.

The simple and easy to use interface is complemented by a variety of meaningful analytics & reports that help teachers identify student needs and measure progress.

Parents are engaged through regular automated reports on the topics covered in class and the learning levels of their child.

These reports will also track student improvement in terms of their learning level and showcase progress achieved over time, a key criteria set by CBSE for the CCE framework.

Since all the reports and evaluation of assessments are automated, teachers will be able to save a lot of time. Therefore they can spend more time preparing learning strategies and helping the students’ overall development.

To extract maximum value for students and teachers, LearnOn is working with leading publishing companies and content developers to make their content available on the C-Link platform.


C-Link benefits all stakeholders involved in the learning process



Identify student learning styles and levels for every concept taught in class.

Easily personalize and distribute content based on learning levels.

Automated evaluation and continuous tracking of student progress.

Seamless communication with Students and Parents.

Reduce paperwork, Save time & Focus on developing learning strategies for holistic student development.



No more lost or misplaced homework and study material.

Increases engagement levels in class.

Understand their strengths and areas of improvement.

Access class notes and homework when they are not able to attend class.


Remain more involved in your child’s learning and development.

Identify your child’s learning style.

Reports that will prompt interventions at the right time.

No more lost circulars or messages from school.


Minimal infrastructure spending required.

Become a pioneer in providing differentiated learning.

Develop a robust Knowledge database.

Create a system for sharing best practices among teachers.

Prepare students for the 21st century.