The Hindu News – Happy in the classroom

The Hindu News – Happy in the classroom

Happy in the classroom

November 2, 2015

C-Link is a software that brings students, teachers and parents together with study material, monitoring facilities and assessment tools

C-Link_ART_02_2605689eAs an entire line of kids wait to board the bus, a little girl almost topples over owing to the weight of her school bag which seems virtually three-fourth her size! What if children could go to school without carrying such hefty loads? What if they could still learn, do assignments, access notes covered at school without having to carry them back and forth. That and much more is what C-Link has in store for children, teachers and parents. The C in C-Link stands for classroom and that’s where this software is going to work its magic.

“We, as parents, often discussed our children’s schooling, about how PTA meetings or an open house every quarter didn’t seem enough to assess their performance. But in a class of 35 – 40 students, giving personalised attention to every child seemed impossible, especially in higher classes where teachers had to multitask and assist in extracurricular activities apart from teaching. As IT professionals, that is when we felt there was a need for technology intervention in gauging and immediate assessment of learning,” says Sameer Ahmad, CEO of LearnOn Technology Solutions. Sameer and his partner, Sumesh are the masterminds behind C-Link. They joined hands with JMR Infotech, a leading technology solutions and service provider based in Bangalore, to launch the software across India and abroad.

How does C-Link work? It works on a cloud platform which means there is no need for any infrastructure or server at the school site. All one needs is a PC or laptop with internet to run this software. Teachers, parents and students have individual access using personalised usernames and passwords. Teachers can upload messages, notes, assignments and reviews. C-Link supports teachers with a question bank and an online video library for every chapter. After every chapter, an online test is administered with automated evaluations ensuring immediate results that save valuable time. Reports and analytics constantly monitor student learning levels which minimises learning gaps and ensures that the students are on the right track. Apart from a helpline to handle queries, onsite training is also provided.

The display, layout and navigation of the software are designed to be simple and user friendly, making it easy for anyone to adapt to it. “One doesn’t need to be tech savvy to use this, it is as simple as accessing your mail. Teachers are very keen on using C-Link as they understand that it is going to transform the quality of teaching, save time and more importantly gauge each student’s performance with precision on a day-to-day basis,” explains Sameer.

Parents are involved in their child’s progress everyday as they have access to detailed assessment reports and messages making it easier for them to understand and work on their child’s weak areas. An open channel of communication and feedback also helps to improve their child’s progress.

The student has access to notes, assignments, messages and immediate test assessments that help them to fill their learning gaps. “Even though the software can be customised as per each school’s requirement, the main challenge that we face in implementation is the poor quality or lack of internet connectivity in schools. The Choice School is the first school to launch a pilot study of C-Link in class eight for subjects, maths and science. The response has been very positive,” says Sameer.

With education related products being the core focus of the company, LearnOn hopes to make its presence in over a hundred schools in India and abroad over the next two years. From the blackboard to digitalised textbooks and worksheets, technology has pushed the education sector to evolve exponentially in the last decade.

The day is not far when children with heavy school bags are going to be a thing of the past.

C-Link works on a cloud platform which means there is no need for any infrastructure or server at the school site

Source: The Hindu

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